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Safeguard your employees and customers with Mednetics’ selection of individually packed CE marked Bulk Buy Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test Kits. Suitable for home use, we’ve sourced our COVID-19 lateral flow test kits based on their ability to detect all current strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus including Omicron.

MHRA registered and reviewed by the UK Health Security Agency, our UK Government validated SARS-CoV-2 lateral flow diagnostic test kits have all passed phase 3a trials meaning exceptional sensitivity across varying viral loads including for asymptomatic cases.

covid test kits

Affordable & Easy To Use
Quick Result Within 15 Minutes
Highly Accurate Nasal-Only Test
CE Certified For Home Use Approval
Use With Or Without COVID-19 Symptoms
UK Government Validated & Home Test Approved
Detects All Current Strains Including The Omicron Variant

covid test kits

Simple 4 Step Procedure - Result Within 15 Minutes

covid test kits
covid test kits
covid test kits
covid test kits
covid test kits


Lateral Flow Test FAQ's

Q: Will your tests detect the Omicron variant?

A: Yes, our lateral flow test kits detect all current strains including the Omicron variant

Shipping & Payment FAQ's

Q: Do you offer invoice payment terms?

A: Yes, we offer Net 14 for the NHS or company purchase orders

Delivery & Returns FAQ's

Q: When is my order dispatched?

A: Orders received by 2pm Monday to Friday are dispatched the same day

covid test kits

Many people with Covid-19 have mild or no symptoms at all but can still spread the infection. Regular self-testing is the only way to control the virus and help protect everyone. Lateral flow test kits serve as ideal resolute for this approach.

Mednetics works to provide self-testing and point-of-care medical diagnostic for Covid accessible to everyone around the globe. Our rapid diagnostic products are driven by high quality and affordable pricing. We understand the role of self-testing in the critical times of pandemics. Making LTR kits reach every individual is our vision and we are working towards it diligently. Buy lateral flow tests now.

Buy Lateral Flow Tests Because

It doesn’t get any easier

With minimum components and simple-to-use operation, self-testing is a sinecure. Compared to other modes of free tests, the kits are low on clutter and high on results.

No preparation needed

The test can be taken without any early precautions. You need not fast or limit your diet for optimum results. Just blow your nose once before taking the test to dispose of any foreign material and ascertain accuracy.

Comfortable self-testing

During the self-testing procedure, you need not put the swab deep in the nostril. You also don’t have to insert it in the posterior nasopharynx which is very uncomfortable and needs a professional.

Quick results

You don’t have to wait for an eternity to get the result. Where other models require a waiting time of 30 minutes, our LFTs come with rapid testing with a waiting time of just 15 minutes.

Use with or without symptoms

The kits can be used for precautionary testing. The package contents are safe for children. The hassle-free ease of operation makes it a must for every individual.

Intelligent design

Buy kits created with a design that contains and controls biohazards. The innovative structure of the tube adds to the convenience while self-testing. Swabs are also purposefully designed for bio-containment.

Detection of current stains

Buy bulk lateral flow tests kit that are right on purpose. They can detect all current and earlier stains of Covid-19. This includes Omicron, Delta and probably any new stain that might occur in the future.

Efficient delivery

With logistics covering every part of the nation, you can leverage our efficient delivery systems. Simply buy lateral flow tests and get the packages delivered to your place in the shortest time possible.

Safe payment options

All our payment gateways are encrypted with double-layer security. Your bulk and normal transactions are safe and personal information such as passwords are protected with unbreachable firewalls.

FlowFLex Kits

  • Can be used even without symptoms
  • Genuinely priced
  • Safe for children 2 years and above
  • Can be self-used by individuals above 14 years of age
  • Authorised by FDA under EUA
  • Dedicated helpline for assistance
  • Comes from a manufacturer with a presence across 130 countries
  • Produced in US FDA registered manufacturing facility

Healgen kits

  • Qualitative results in 15 minutes
  • Room temperature storage
  • Comes with procedural internal control
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Positive Percent Agreement (PPA): 95.7%
  • Negative  Percent Agreement (NPA): 99.6%
  • Overall Percent Agreement (OPA): 98.9%
  • 2 years shelf life
  • Global manufacturer presence across 120+ countries

What are Lateral Flow test kits?

The LFTs are novel ways of testing Covidinfection. The test can be self-assessed at home and does not require any additional medical equipment or devices. These test kits help prevent further infections by detecting positive cases.

The test works by identifying the protein present in an infected person. The hand-held devices are identical to ones used in pregnancy tests. There is a test paper strip that changes colour and provides the result.

Components of our Lateral flow test kits

When you open the FlowFlex or Healgen LFT kit, you need to read the instructions in the kit as they may vary slightly from other manufacturers. Other than that, do check that all components are present in the kit. A usual pack will consist of:

  • Instruction manual
  • Pre-filled extraction tube
  • The sterile nasal swab
  • The test cassette or card
  • Positive and negative control swabs
  • Test tube holder
  • Disposable bag

Taking the test

  • Sanitize and clean a surface and place all components of the kit
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and dry them before performing the test
  • Open-wrap the swab and insert it into the flared part of the nostril, also called anterior-nares
  • Insert the swab around 2cm in and roll the swab around the nostril 4 to 5 times
  • Extract the same swab and do the same in the other nostril
  • You need not go deep into the cavity which is often a distressing procedure for many
  • After getting the specimen, open the extraction tube and put the swab in
  • Mix the contents on the end of the swab with the formulation in the tube for 20 to 30 seconds
  • Tap around the side of the tube and squeeze it to get a better result
  • Don’t speed this process to obtain a good sample
  • Close the lid of the extraction tube and shake a little to mix the components well
  • Open up the test cassette or card and target the sample in the hole provided
  • Use the tube with attached lid dropper to pour 4 drops in the space provided on the card
  • Wait for 15 minutes and the card is ready with the results


Why Mednetics

  • All test kits are MHRA registered
  • Authorised and validated by the UK government
  • Kits with Phase3a trials validation
  • Ideal for New variants including Omicron and SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics
  • Reviewed by the UK Health Security Agency
  • All products are CE which means they are in line with European health, safety and environmental protection protocols.
  • Option to buy lateral flow tests in bulk
  • Robust logistic network within the UK
  • Efficient customer care services
  • Competitive pricing

If you want to know more about our services or wish to buy lateral flow tests in bulk, we are just a call away.