“My Hero Is You…” Childrens Storybook

“My Hero is You...” Was A Book Written For Children
Around The World Affected By The COVID-19 Pandemic

Released in 2020 and produced by a collaboration of more than 50 organizations working in the humanitarian sector, the story book aimed to help children understand and come to terms with COVID-19.

With the help of a fantasy creature, Ario, “My Hero is You, How kids can fight COVID-19!” explained how children could protect themselves, their families and friends from coronavirus and how to manage difficult emotions when confronted with a new and rapidly changing reality.

The book – aimed primarily at children aged 6-11 years old – was a unique collaboration of United Nations agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations and international agencies providing mental health and psychosocial support in emergency settings.

During the early stages of the project, more than 1,700 children, parents, caregivers and teachers from around the world shared how they were coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Their input ensured that the story and its messages resonated with children from different backgrounds and continents.

Reading time: 2 min (582 words)

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